The First Time


It had taken him a lifetime to get here.

His life had all come to this moment. He had made mistakes and had found utter perfection within them. Now, the trials and tribulations all made sense as his lover undressed.

In his heart he had known her forever, and in his soul he felt her from the moment he was born. Yet he was unsure, his mind faced with more questions than answers and his heart beating as if it would explode from his chest. So he stared, naked, out the window of their hotel room, wondering if his life would ever be the same again.

He was brought back to reality as her fingers slowly traced the lines of his back. He sighed out loud as the bumps formed on his skin, her lips racing to touch them. As he turned to face her, he lost his breath admiring her beauty.  His mind went blank except for the throb in his cock as she leaned in to kiss him. He felt helpless there for a moment, but in this place of wonder he knew he had all the power he needed.

Instantly he knew what she wanted. He could sense those voiceless choruses in her moans as his heart demanded “please her.”  He kissed her slowly and then followed her silent commands downward, tracing the curves of her ample breasts gently as he made his way to her nipples.  They were rock hard as he flicked them with his tongue before sucking on them, intermittently exchanging the sucking for a bite, the bite for a nibble, and the nibble for a kiss.

“Please fuck me now, baby,” she whispered. “I’ve been waiting forever for this moment, please…”

She didn’t finish, he wouldn’t allow it. Like a strong wind he picked her up, and carried her to the bed, placing her softly so that her ass was right on its edge. She watched him as his strong hands opened her legs, and as his fingers traced a line from the inside of her ankles, down to her knees, further to her inner thigh only to gently, teasingly, brush lightly against her throbbing clit.

He placed the head of his cock right on that throbbing spot and massaged it. Her hips arched and he could feel her wetness spill out of her.  Slowly, he followed the contours of her pussy downward, until he slowly, deliberately, entered her.

She pushed up against him hard as he pushed back with force. It was a perfect fit as his throbbing cock filled her throbbing pussy and as their rhythm matched perfectly.  Soon she exploded with him, her body jerking upward and she bit him hard on the shoulder. He pulled her hair backward as he kissed her, filling her in the process.

That moment they loved each other.  That moment became “forever.”